The long-standing formula 1 Patron Bernie Ecclestone has spoken out for the season 2020 due to the corona crisis fail completely. “We should stop the championship this year and next year, hopefully, start again. Because I don’t see how you should come this year on the necessary number of races,” said the 89-Year-old BBC Radio.

The first eight of the 22 scheduled race of the season had already been moved, or – as in the case of the Grand Prix of Monaco – have been completely cancelled. According to the current Plan, the season starts in mid-June in Canada. For a rating as a world championship it needs in a season of at least eight races. “I don’t see how this should go. It is a difficult Situation,” said Ecclestone, will be in the summer for the fourth Time, father.

Should be added to the season nevertheless, there are for Ecclestone only a favorite of Lewis Hamilton. “The Bad thing is, he would win all eight races. It would not be a great world Cup”, is Ecclestone is confident.