in 2012, went to Niki Lauda and Ross Brawn at the GP in Singapore, with the silver arrows and silver coins of hunting. Her Victim: Lewis Hamilton. The two hunters tried to lure the British into a hotel room as Schumi’s successor for 2013, the Mercedes factory team.

The Duo had been at the Equator, relatively easy game. After a six-formula-1-Lewis was served long ago by McLaren, the little more competitive car, and his Father, Ron Dennis. Lewis, came with 13 years in the McLaren Academy (with a formula-1 Option!), caught felt. In its development, limited and, above all, continuously patronized. “You wanted to see me bend!”

Hardly any error, immediately,

Hamilton’s loved eccentric Lifestyle and his Outfit were the Team to be a thorn in the eye. Since the offer from a newcomer to Mercedes just came at the right time. It was after three more or less success of the silver arrow-years-free, however, a very risky adventure.

Lewis Hamilton, this young and gifted racing driver who hardly makes mistakes, took up the challenge immediately felt loved. And also with Executive Director, Toto Wolff, but the chemistry was fast. It was in the contract, no big discussions. The world champion of 2008, under the table, wrote at the kitchen in the house of Wolff at the lake of Constance.

“It’s priceless”

The story is well known: Mercedes had found, with Lewis Hamilton the treasure of the Silbersee. And with the introduction of a Hybrid engine in 2014, began an Era of great silver arrows, which is not yet to end.

Wolff: “Lewis is driving in another League, win the race, you can’t win really. He is priceless!” Or the living guarantee certificate from the Caribbean island of Grenada for success series.

empty words

Also when Lewis is on and off the track often presents itself in the question: “gratitude and humility will be with me always.” Not empty words of the devout family man.

The sheet of the 83-times GP winner and now six-time world champion is unique: driving skills very good good, two combat behaviour is very good, skills good technical competence, good understanding very good, speed very good, Fairness is good, Rennintelligenz very good Ambassador for the F1 Sport.

Even the die-hard Fans of the German record world champion Schumi have to applaud.