Although Formula 1 is on standby, work is still ongoing behind the scenes.

The great teams are already looking forward to 2021-season, and the 18-year-old Danish comet Christian Lundgaard in the game.

Renault, which through the last four years has trained the dane in their Sports Academy, fear that they will lose their current førstekører Daniel Ricciardo to the top teams.

the Australian is a prime candidate to replace Sebastian Vettel at Ferrari, and it could result in a direct barter.

But the Renault boss Cyril Abiteboul suggests, according to Christian Lundgaard in the higher the degree could be a more obvious replacement for Ricciardo than Vettel, as ‘he would however not say no to, for he is a great run and a great master’.

But in the Canal+program ‘La Grille’ sounds far more exciting with Danish glasses from Cyril Abiteboul:

“But I would rather go after work with tomorrow’s drivers than yesterday’s,” says the French Renault-boss, according to

“We still have also an academy, from which riders are ready in 2021 or 2022. We must constantly keep in mind, we founded the academy in 2016 with a view to have a driver ready for Formula 1 in 2021.”

And then comes the most exciting:

“And now, come 2021. We must recognise. And here we have the Christian Lundgaard, he is one among several. But first he must complete his first season in Formula 2 – and we have our own season with Daniel (Ricciardo in Formula 1, red.),” says Abiteboul.

Christian Lundgaard, who last week got out of the 14-day corona-quarantine after a training camps in Gran Canaria, should have started the Formula 2 season in the coming weekend in Bahrain.

But the race is like Formula 1-the song contest postponed indefinitely.