The flying Dutchman is with only 22 years, the biggest Talent that has seen the formula 1 for decades! On Sunday he has been driving his 99. Grand Prix. Won Mad Max, although only seven, but the last two world Cup are just battles here in the city of Mexico to 2280 meters altitude. “A hat-Trick in Mexico would be a dream! If we can tickle out at Red Bull with the Honda engine a few HP, we are almost everywhere competitive.” Bull Motorsport Director Helmut Marko had prophesied for a Max of five wins in 2019: today is the third to Spielberg and Hockenheim?

And how is it actually, Mister Ecclestone, the other big Talent Charles Leclerc? The former formula-1-boss: “The Boy is good, but he’s in a Ferrari are just still too many mistakes. Exactly how it will fall verse done at the beginning of his career. Only if you get the rest into the Cockpit, you can also to world title mitfighten. As my friend Sebastian Vettel. Okay, he had some races out of the rest, doubted, has caught up but again, fortunately.”

Ecclestone is clear: “Ferrari 2020, the strongest driver Duo.” The sprightly Brit to Sunday view: “But you have to be able to in the chief days of life. Especially, when finally the best car from Maranello is coming!” A small mistake cost Leclerc yesterday-the Pole Position. It would have been since the summer break, the sixth for Ferrari in the series. And Mercedes?

Hamilton must have title celebration move, probably

The silver arrows no longer feel (after the two Wins 2015/2016)in this amount of good. Hamilton has to his 6. Title celebration to Austin in a week to move. Mercedes 100. GP-victory. And wanted to as Bottas a lot, crashed in the last curve, disassembled his car. So he can’t threaten with 64 points behind the championship Leader.

endangered Verstappen because of the Bottas-Crashes his Pole Position. He was not the Only one in Yellow from the Gas, even better his earlier best time. Clumsy his later statement: “I would be Yes anyway the front!”

everyday life in the Alfa-Clean: Finally Raikkonen (14 could.) his colleagues Giovinazzi (15.) beat again. Chef Vasseur: “The qualification was never the Problem. We have screwed up the race. A small error here, a little there. In the midfield you always pay a high price.” Still, it is seven points ahead of Haas-Ferrari, will start from the penultimate row.