It’s the story of a world’s stars, the on 29. December 2013 while skiing in France (Meribel) accident and since then, in 2000, days without hope, lives. With this brutal reality to millions of his Fans have to live with. Also today, on the first day of practice at Le Castellet, France.

The big question

The Doctors silence for years. As the family clan. Michael Schumacher is to bring in the rest of his private life on the most difficult round of his career.

How to do it Schumi? It is the most asked question to the seven-times world champion and 91-times GP winner.

The answer is known only to a few – and are required (except family of course) in the Treaty, to carry anything to the Public.

“He still looks as before from”

you don’t know whether Schumi spends the day in a wheelchair, on the Sofa or in bed. It is certain only that on a daily basis and some of the Physios attend to, so he will not suffer any muscle loss. “He still looks as before, only his head is a bit round,” said Archbishop Georg Gänswein (62) in order to “Colorful”, and was immediately banned.

“Want to know the Fans really, how is he?”

This German Illustrated has abandoned it, apparently, is to increase its exclusive stories in the edition. Like over three years ago with the title: “Schumi can go again!”

these are the cases, where his Manager, Sabine Kehm, (formerly a journalist occurs in the “world”) in action – and denied. She asks today: “Want to know the Fans of Michael really, how is he?”

For each GP in front of the TV

Never the fact that Schumi is sitting at each GP in front of the TV and no emotion shows, it was denied. To do this, he should be irregular, indefinable Sounds.

Well, it occurred in politics, in Film and TV, as well as in the music, no case, in which the Public learns about an ailing Superstar, nothing.

But in the case of Schumi, who survived in the GP-circus 17 serious accidents, among other things, with a broken leg (Silverstone, 1999), everything is different.

How good Mick really is?

His family shows more and more in everyday life. Wife Corinna (50) often accompanied their racing son Mick (20) in still a mediocre appearance in the formula 2, only 14. in the overall standings. Daughter Gina-Maria (22) conquered riding the world of the Western.

Keep fighting, Michael! This is by the way already for a long time on the Mercedes cars.

a New Interview Material: Michael Schumacher shortly before the accident