Former President of Mexico was involved in the investigation of cases of corruption

a Mexican law enforcement agencies began an investigation against former President Enrique peña Niety in the case of corruption, reports the Wall Street Journal.

peña Nieto became involved in the case of the investigation of Emilio Losoya, the former head of the state oil company of Mexico, Petróleos Mexicanos or Pemex.

Lozoya is accused of corruption related to the widespread charges of bribery and money laundering with the participation of the Brazilian construction company Odebrecht SA. Lozoya, who was arrested in Spain last week, denies wrongdoing.

peña Nieto, whose six-year term in office came to an end in 2018, earlier denied receiving bribes from a construction company Odebrecht SA.

the President of Mexico, andrés Manuel lópez Obrador has stated that he does not want to prosecute former presidents of the country in court, although he suggested the possibility of holding a referendum on whether former presidents to stand trial.

the Detention of Looie was a great success for Lopez Obrador, left-wing politics, which came to power amid numerous commitments to combat bribery, in addition, the current President has sought to represent former administration officials as members of the corrupt elite since taking office in December 2018.