The President of the United States Donald trump doesn’t know the difference between personal and national interests. This former Advisor to the President for national security John Bolton said in an interview with The Telegraph.

According to Bolton, the inability of the President to distinguish one from the other creates a dangerous situation and prevents the formation of a coherent theme or strategy.

“the Decision taken in one day, can easily be changed to the following,” he said.

It is for this reason Bolton intends to support in the presidential elections, which will be held in November, the Democratic candidate Joe Biden. However, he noted that in 2016, voted for trump, but after a close acquaintance with the President ceased to support his policies.

Earlier, Bolton praised the results of the foreign policy leader of the country. According to him, trump has no long-term plan for cooperation with Russia and China. In addition, over the last three years, the US and failed to contain Iran.

Bolton intends to publish scandalous memoirs. They, in particular, describes the details of trump’s negotiations with North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN, about the White house policy towards Ukraine and the alleged request of the American President to Chinese President XI Jinping to help him get re-elected this year. Former adviser to the President on national security, was dismissed from the American administration in September 2019, then trump said that he and many members of his team disagree with many of the policy proposals.