President Reuven Rivlin had given Netanyahu’s first four weeks, a two-week extension in Israel is not unusual. So that Netanyahu would have to 29. May be time for the formation of a coalition.

In the opinion of the Likud, the Jewish Passover feast, were cited as reasons for delays in the coalition talks, the Israeli memorial day, as well as Independence.

The right bearing to Netanyahu, had in the parliamentary elections on 9. April, a significant advantage can be achieved. Netanyahu was instructed, therefore, for the fifth Time, with the formation of the government.

Netanyahu is aiming for a coalition of the right and religious parties. In negotiations over the distribution of Ministerial posts, however, there was no agreement. There are also difficulties to bring the political demands of the various potential coalition partners under a hat. Particularly controversial is a bill that will oblige more strictly religious men called up for military service.