Donald trump has decided to postpone for the fall summit “the Big seven” because of the coronavirus. Moreover, the American President is going to expand the format of the meeting the leaders of developed countries and to invite Russia, India, South Korea and Australia.

“I’m postponing the summit because I do not feel that the G7 is correctly what is happening in the world,” – said the President of the United States.

According to trump, to hold a meeting “the Big seven” (it includes the USA, Germany, France, Italy, Canada, UK and Japan) this year will not be before September.

Earlier, trump had intended to hold a meeting “the seven” in one of his Golf resorts in Florida. Then talking about the fact that G7 leaders will take in the presidential residence at camp David from June 10 to 12. But because of the pandemic, the US President made in late March, the decision to hold the summit by video link.

However, the President of the United States is clearly itching —and videoconference does not suit him. The other day trump said that the summit “live” in the White house is a sign of America’s return to normal way of life.

Press Secretary of the White house Keighley Makanani assured that the event will be provided all necessary measures for the protection of heads of state and government from the coronavirus. According to her, the summit could take place in late June.

But then came a negative signal from Angela Merkel: the Chancellor announced that, in connection with the General situation with coronavirus “cannot agree to participate” on a trip to Washington to attend the G7 summit. For the same reasons, is not eager to go to the United States to the summit and canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. But the President of France Emmanuel macron, according to the White house supported the idea of a personal meeting of leaders “the seven”. Yes, the British Prime Minister Johnson speaking with trump on the phone, noted the importance of a personal meeting of the heads of the G7 in the near future

the US President told the press that he had not appointed a new date for the G7 summit, but thinks that this meeting could take place in September during the annual UN meeting in new York, or perhaps after the US elections in November.

the Decision trump still postpone the time of holding the summit shows that he has to put up with the fact that the situation with the coronavirus in the country is far from peaceful.

In a conversation with reporters on Board the presidential airliner Air Force One returning from Cape Canaveral after the launch of the spacecraft Crew Dragon trump said that he finds the “Big seven” in its present form is “outdated”.

“We want Australia, we want India, we want South Korea,” said trump, speaking about the new expanded club of the most developed economies in the world and describing it as “G-10 or G-11”. According to the President of the United States, he basically discussed this concept��Yu with the leaders of other countries.

the Idea is to expand the scope of the “sevens” given the fact that the White house announces a discussion on the upcoming summit of China, it seems, within the context of growing us-Chinese relations. In which Washington needs allies and partners. However, in this case, it remains unclear the motive of the invitation of Russia, which is hard to imagine a part of the trump hammer together an anti-China coalition.

However, in the past the American President first proposed to expand the G7 and again to connect to it Russia, which was in the “Big Eight” until 2014. As you know, due to the annexation of Crimea, Russia was excluded from this format.

So, in August of last year, trump called for the return of Russia in this club. It was even said that during the past Biarritz in last year’s summit “the seven” the American leader during an official dinner even had an argument with colleagues in the G7 because of Russia.

However, as rightly noted then in the Kremlin that one desire of the President of the United States, will not do the necessary consensus among the G7 countries.

Commenting on the recent statements of trump’s foreign policy expert at the Brookings institution Thomas Wright said that G7 members will not agree to a formal extension, but there were precedents invitations to summits, other leaders on an ad hoc basis.

and apparently, in Moscow not so would like resuscitation of the group, not wanting to voluntarily assume the role of “whipping boy” and emphasizing the fact that there are other, more broad and interesting formats (like “Big twenty”), in which Russia takes part.