Forgiveness Sunday is not to apologize on the phone

at any moment in transport, at lunch, on the run — write to a friend or relative SMS message or the messenger is worth it, however, forgiveness Sunday to resort to this method is not recommended. In the modern world, people unconsciously distort the meaning of the holiday, turning it into a mindless exchange of similar messages and even pictures. Read more about told the rector of the Epiphany Cathedral of Moscow father Alexander Ageikin

In recent years there was a fashion to write SMS and to apologise. It destroys the whole essence of the day. Forgiveness Sunday is the main thing — sincere reconciliation and sincere forgiveness. Today we rarely meet with family and friends, so that forgiveness Sunday is a good occasion to see, to talk, to apologize personally, face to face. Our forces are not so much depend on, but when we are strengthened by common prayer, model claim to each other with sincere love, it is easier to go through life. Moreover, after the Resurrection comes the time of the post, in that you don’t want to drag old grievances.

– How to behave to those who in answer to his “I’m sorry” hears a waiver saying that you will not forgive, too much was hurt?

– you Need to understand that it remain on the conscience and the soul of the one who refuses to forgive. If you apologized sincerely, you my soul you eased — and the one who could not deliver his soul from the hurt and evil took them over double the size. However, it is impossible to get formal answers: Yes, they say, God will forgive and I forgive. On this day, all must be sincere: it is necessary to actually recognize the old grudges unimportant in the face of Eternity.

forgiveness is only for those who really feel guilty? Or all close friends — as a just in case?

prayers are not in vain says about the forgiveness of sins voluntary and involuntary. Therefore it is necessary to remember that sometimes we do not think that our words could offend someone, and the actions runit. If the person you care about, it is better to ask for forgiveness on this day to keep the cargo — and then, in lent, to join with a light heart. At this time, it is important to bring to God a purified heart in which there is no rancor.

the Ministers noted that the beginning of Lent is a perfect time to go to confession, even on a first life. Remember what is said about forgiveness in the gospel: “For if ye forgive men their trespasses, forgive you your heavenly Father, but if ye forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father will not forgive your sins”.

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