“Forever young” a resident of London, has two grown daughters and two grandchildren and revealed the secrets of her beauty. Her words quoted by the Daily Mail newspaper.

the 57-year-old model cast O’neill (O’neill Kazz) claims that she suffered several years from pain in hip joints and lower back. Last year she appealed for help to the doctor who prescribed her the hormone estradiol. “After a month I noticed a huge change: the pain vanished. It changed my life,” says the Briton.

To maintain the figure in good shape O’neill has been practicing yoga. “It gives gentle exercise your body and at the same time, tightens and strengthens the body, says model. — Usually one to two times a week I go to classes at the Studio. But during the regime of isolation I take private lessons in an online mode”.

O’neill admits that he is not afraid to experiment. For a long time she was blonde, but three years ago, to his daughter’s wedding, she went ashen tint. The Briton was pleased with the transformation and would not go back to the old colors.

42 years, the model has started every three months to inject Botox to get rid of wrinkles on the forehead and around the eyes. In addition, once a year, it slightly enhances the lips. It also nourishes the skin at home with the help’s skin care.

O’neill said, with age it became harder to start a modeling business. Two years ago, she began to Instagram account @kazzstyle_ and share with followers advice in fashion and beauty industry. For updates follow more than 43 thousand users of the network.

Earlier the inhabitant of the English city of Sheffield has revealed the secrets of their attractive and youthful appearance. She follows a Mediterranean diet, on weekdays 20 min yoga video lessons and for anti-wrinkle cream uses patches for the face.