Forests of Belarus have expanded their spaces

And the unusually warm winter has its obvious advantages, state the experts of the forest heritage of Belarus. The forestries of the Republic, for example, thanks to the February thaw has fulfilled the annual plan of forest planting.

Since the beginning of the year resulted in 33 492 ha of forest plantations instead of the planned 32 335 hectares, said the officer of the Ministry of forestry Republic of Belarus Anastasia Dokuchaeva. Moreover, this spring was scheduled to learn only 31 402 hectares of new forests, and the rest of the boarding hassle it was planned to postpone for autumn. By the way, the cultivation of planting material is carried out in 78 permanent forest nurseries of the country with a total area of more than 1.3 thousand hectares.

Every third hectare of new forest this year, according to the Ministry, on account of the Gomel forestry. There was established 12 734 hectares of forest crops. In the Brest region appeared 4534 ha of new forest, in the Vitebsk – 3006 ha, Grodno – 3428 hectares, Minsk – 5538 ha, Mogilev – 4252 hectares, said a source in the industry Ministry.

Special emphasis in the reconstruction the specialists made on sections shrunken pine plantations. New forest here appeared on the area more than 20 thousand hectares. it is Worth noting the fact that more than 18 thousand hectares of woodland created using the selection of planting material.

the forestries of the Republic, concludes the learned, in recent years, significantly increasing the size of the created forest. Last year similar work was carried out on the area of 51.8 thousand ha, Perepyolkin project assignment almost forty percent.