according to experts, there are large differences between the forest fires and the devastation that currently threaten to Scare the world public, the “green lungs” of the Amazon. In the case of most fires in Brazil it is a systematic torching of the premises. It is the final death is a shock for a forest.

tropical forests do not burn, normally

“In the tropics, not only in the Amazon region, is used the fire for the cultivation of the soil,” says Jeffrey Chambers from the American research Institute, Lawrence Berkeley (LBNL). “As agricultural waste to be disposed of.” To include the waste branches and bushes that remain after the felling of forest stands left.

“These fires do not penetrate mostly in the forests,” explains Chambers. “A tropical forest is not normally combustible.” The tropical forests are too wet. The are completely different conditions than, for example, in California, where even the spark of a small fire, an Inferno can cause.

agriculture contributes actively to the emergence of forest fires in

In the Amazon region has recorded it himself since time immemorial, that the tree trunks are transported to the Roden of the forest. In the dry season between July and November, the cleared area is burned then. This also applies to the already existing agricultural areas, where the flaring is also used for weed destruction.

The connections are with satellite images have been scientifically proven to. “There is this year a very high correlation between the deforestation and the Heat,” says the Director of the Brazilian environmental research Institute of the Amazon (Ipam), Ane Alencar. The researchers will be able to watch the people on the observation from space, as they contribute actively to the emergence of fires.

is Only dense forest against fire

protected, If the density of the tropical forest is still intact, he has a certain amount of protection against fires. Rarely, the flame eating into the up to 30-Meter-high tree crowns. However, this means no all-clear for the protector against fire: The flames in the trees near the ground damage, it’s a delay effect occurs before the trees die.

The fires made prior to the clearing of forests is “visible,” notes Paulo clear Brando from the University of California. “The fires of the final phase of deforestation are.”

more and more deforestation

In the 1970s, the people great began the entire surface of the axe to put in the Amazonian forests. Until about the turn of the Millennium, the clearing went faster and faster. In 2004 alone were cleared in Brazil 28’000 square kilometers of forest. After that, the deforestation has been slowed down considerably, before rising again in 2014.

the maximum values from The previous decade, but were not reached again. For 2018, the Brazilian space research Institute INPE in a forest clearing of 7500 square kilometers. First of all, a dangerous trend reversal emerged: in July Alone, more than 2000 square kilometres of forest disappeared in the Amazon.

Currently, especially an increase of the fires was to be observed “in the context of deforestation”, says Brando. It is not yet clear how far the cross on the jungle. This will depend on the future rainfall.

How strong the fires affect the global climate?

it is not disputed that the numerous fires worsen in Brazil, the CO2 balance is enormous. The non-governmental organization The Nature Conservancy calculates that each hectare of Amazon forest 459 metric tons of climate-binds harmful carbon dioxide. The forest is cleared and the wood used, the carbon dioxide, depending on the type of use sooner or later in the cycle of nature.

clearly The worst type of clearing, the Fire, because the CO2 will then be set immediately free. In Brazil, the in a few months are easily several hundred million tons. (SDA)

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