As is clear from the official Figures, has spread the fire in recent days.

fires are a threat to world climate

On this surface, the fires to be fought actively, as it was called. Much larger the area that currently is not deleted, because it is very secluded. More than 2.7 million hectares is this area. Here, too, had spread the fires further. The environmental organization Greenpeace says that since the beginning of the year have destroyed more than 13.4 million hectares of forest.

Nevertheless, the forces mixed results: Alone on a Sunday in the forest were deleted by administration, more than 50 forest fires on an area of 5700 hectares. Of the flames, the Taiga, the world’s climate important forest belt in Siberia is affected.

it Was arson?

In Siberia in the summer to fires in forests and steppes. You fall out this time more violent than in previous years. It also has to do with the dryness. To the other kindle Russians traditionally in the summer, despite the warning Signs, because of the risk of forest fire the camp fire. It is under investigation for arson.

The people in many regions in the East of Russia suffer from the dangerous smoke and make the government responsible, because the authorities have acted in their view, too late. Least, had eased the situation in large cities such as Irkutsk, because the Wind had turned to his direction. (SDA)