USA – Numerous fatalities in the forest fires in California Since the onset of the fires on the West coast, more than 6,700 buildings have been destroyed, at least 31 people were killed. The fire is considered to be one of the worst in the history of the U.S. state of. © Photo: Eric Thayer/Reuters

The number of dead in California following the devastating forest fires in the North and the South of the US state, a total of 31 increased. Six more victims had been recovered in the town of Paradise, informed the competent Sheriff Kory Honea. In the North, 29 people in the flames are killed. In the South, in Malibu, the number of dead was still at two.

The Sheriff said the bodies had been discovered in buildings and in a car. He also said that there were now 228 people Missing since the outbreak of the fire on Thursday.

had adopted The over 30,000-acre fire North of Sacramento, especially in the Paradise of catastrophic proportions. The flames destroyed the small town almost completely, as several eyewitnesses reported the New York Times. All 27,000 residents were asked to leave the city. Paradise is located 290 kilometres North-East of San Francisco. In spite of the great distance was up to San Francisco the smell of smoke.

The so-called Camp Fire are at least as many people killed as in the previously most deadly forest fire in the history of California in 1933 when the Griffith Park Fire in Los Angeles area.

Overall, worked more than 8,000 firefighters against three large surface fires, which covered about 1,000 square kilometers. Also in southern California blazed a huge fire. In Malibu, where many celebrities live, were found two burnt corpses, the police announced. A smaller fire, to handle the southern California city of Thousand Oaks.

Nearly 180 buildings were destroyed in two fires in southern California, officials said. The larger fire in the area of Malibu, the fire brigade was on Sunday 337 square kilometres in size.

drought, warmer weather is attributed to climate change, and the expansion of residential areas into forests have resulted in the seasons with forest fires, more destruction and last longer. A five-year drought in California in the past year, to the end, but also in 2018 and was very dry. Large parts of the Northern two-thirds of the state were abnormally dry, it said in an analysis of the U.S. government.