Informed about “bringing weapons,” said U.S. Secretary of state Michael Pompeo.

According to Ryabkov, the US is trying “messy and illogical” to justify its decision to withdraw from the Contract, as Washington said recently.

These statements “cause a Homeric laughter in the Moscow offices and headquarters,” said the Russian diplomat. According to him, to be used for sighting targets equipment installed on involved in operations in the framework of the “open skies” aircraft is impossible, because everything is calibrated and hide nothing in.

the Russian foreign Ministry on 22 may issued a statement, which notes that the Agreement “fits perfectly into the line of Washington to the destruction of the whole complex of agreements in the field of arms control and confidence-building measures in the military field. In this case ignored the interests of the allies, expressed needs of some members of Congress, the authoritative views of the American and European experts, including decades engaged in the implementation of the DON.”

the Russian foreign Ministry emphasizes that “the targeting of precision weapons” says the country “from the very beginning insisted on opening for observation flights throughout the state party (primarily, of course, the Soviet Union and then of Russia)”.