The Russian foreign Ministry urged the relevant international institutions to respond to the removal of the video hosting YouTube account channel “Crimea 24″ and two Russian agencies Anna News and News Front”.

“we Urge the relevant international institutions and human rights NGOs to respond to these glaring facts”, – reported on the Agency’s website.

As specified in the report, the TV channel “Crimea 24” is one of the most popular information sources on the Peninsula and the Crimean part of a major media holding “TV and radio company “Crimea”, consisting of five TV channels, three radio stations, an information portal and online website. In the result of account deletion channel about 30 thousand subscribers lost access to the video, which had tens of millions of views.

“the American platform has taken restrictive measures under an invented pretext of violation of the rules of the hosting,” – noted in the press release of the Ministry of foreign Affairs.

In addition, the Agency reported, YouTube has not provided convincing of facts “explaining their actions and also the fact that the treatment team of the TV channel still remains unanswered, is unacceptable.”

Action video-hosting considered another act of discrimination against the Russian-speaking media from the US-controlled Internet platforms, which systematically resort to any censorship of content in the Russian language.

“This policy of the American authorities is a gross violation of international obligations of States to ensure free and unhindered access to information, freedom of media and expression”, – is spoken in the message.

Recall that YouTube deleted accounts of the Crimean television and two Russian news agencies after three years of successful cooperation without warning or explanation.

Previously, the company is a developer of tests for assessment personnel Ontarget has addressed in Moscow city court with the requirement to block YouTube in Russia, due to the fact that some channels on YouTube offer applicants “to fool future employers and pass the tests for them.”