according to the center weather “Phobos”, today, the summer temperature regime will persist only in southern latitudes, where still up to 30 degrees. But in the center of the earth already no higher than plus 20 and the cold will continue.

In the North Central district, in Pomerania and on the Kola Peninsula will be below +15. In the extreme North-East, from which spreads the Arctic air above +10 degrees in the daytime. Quite the fall weather. Precipitation everywhere, but they are not strong. The only places in the Volga region will result in more than 10 mm per day. “However, in the midst of an Arctic invasion of rain can change to snow,” forecasters warned.

But they are loath to upset: the warming is close. The fact that cold air is heavy, so one of the consequences of Arctic invasion will be to increase atmospheric pressure. By the end of the week on the territory of Russia will extend the ridge of the anticyclone and cold cyclone will shift to the Urals. The sky cleared from the clouds, the sun will come out.

In Moscow warming scheduled for Saturday: will be a plus of 20 degrees. Sunday a little warmer. In the beginning of next week, according to the calculations of the “Phobos”, can return again in the summer.