In the next few days in some regions of Russia is expected to heat 40 degrees and above. This was announced by the specialists of the hydrometeorological center of the Russian Federation.

So, the forty-degree heat is expected the residents of the Saratov region from 5 to 7 July. Heat waves will be in Rostov (up to +41 degrees) and Astrakhan (up to 42 degrees), as in Kalmykia, the air warms up to 42-43 degrees.

To be +35-40 degree rise of the thermometer under the Voronezh, Tambov and Belgorod.

In the meteorological forecast of the meteorologist also reported that the high, sometimes extreme fire danger may occur in the southern and North Caucasus Federal districts, Chelyabinsk, Kurgan and Kemerovo regions, Bashkiria, Chukotka, and in some places in the Krasnoyarsk territory.

earlier, the scientific Director of the hydrometeorological Roman Vilfand said that and the last six months, Russia has seen over 240 of weather records.