Summer 2020 barely passed its equator, and weather forecasters have already prepared the first forecasts for the autumn. Having studied the weather report in recent years, they came to the conclusion that the beginning of the most poetic season of the year is expected to be very unpredictable. However, this complies with the fact that the Russians could observe in the first half of the year.

As warned by meteorologists, the climate conditions in the period from September to November will be accompanied by temperature swings, heavy rainfall, thunderstorms and strong winds. In addition, the expected first snow and frost

the Weather in autumn 2020 on the southern resorts of Russia

According to the preliminary forecast of meteorologists, the beginning of autumn in the southern resorts of the country will be relatively warm.

a Weather in the Crimea

In particular, in the Crimea the General temperature regime on land and water will be the best to continue a summer vacation. The first two weeks of September will stay at plus 23-25, and at the end of the month there may be cooling of the air during daylight hours to plus 20.

In October 2020, the weather on the Peninsula will begin to deteriorate. Cloudy days will become much more than sun, sea increasingly will rage a storm, and the thermometer at night falls to 12-14.

In the beginning of November in Crimea may once again become warm and locals and tourists still get a little tan in the sun.

In November, nearly all seaside resorts of the Peninsula are predicted wind and storms. So swimming is unlikely to succeed. And considering that it will be very cloudy and not more than plus 12-14, and sunbathing is also expected to be a serious problem.

a Weather in Krasnodar Krai

Krasnodar Krai in autumn-2020 is waiting for more comfortable weather. So, in September in Sochi, Adler and Gelendzhik air will get warm to plus 28-30. While precipitation will be almost no.

Sharp change of climatic zone, according to preliminary forecasts of weather forecasters, will occur at the beginning of the second decade of October – the period from 10 to 20 the number of weather thermometers will show only plus 14-15. Will be cold at night. The rains and the sea will increase the excitement.

However, this natural Orgy in the resorts of Kuban is expected in November. The last month this fall will be the most unpredictable. In early November, in the Krasnodar region suddenly becomes warm bright sun will warm up air to + 20-25.

But with about 5-7 November until the middle of the month will start the cold air will cool down to + 10 a day and up to 5 by night. Then again can return if not the heat, it is quite comfortable plus 20.

However, this will last a short period. In the 20 days of November the entire Krasnodar region will pour heavy rains. While in mountainous areas the snow falls.

a Weather in Stavropol Krai

To Stavropol�� in the beginning of autumn-2020, as in the Krasnodar region will be dry and comfortable, the thermometers will show plus 25. At the end of September almost all popular resorts of the region, including in Kislovodsk and Pyatigorsk, strong wind and charge the rains. Moreover, weather forecasters promise even a couple of hurricanes and the air temperature not above + 15.

October will bring in Stavropol Krai more cold. The maximum that will give the second month of the calendar of autumn is plus 12-13 and frequent rains.

In November the weather will be unstable, sometimes it will return quite a decent weather with temperature up to plus 15-20 background. But Sunny days will be much less. And at the end of November could break the storm – projected strengthening of a wind to 20 metres per second.

the weather Forecast for the autumn of 2020 in the Central Federal district

The Central Federal district in autumn will go relatively smoothly. But the heat in early September and “Indian summer” will be replaced for the second half of the month rapid cooling to + 10-12.

October 2020 will bring the people of Central Russia the long rains, and the middle of the second month of autumn, it may freeze. However, while on the ground. However, in the 20th number October are expected to overnight frosts up to minus 1-2.

November will bring the first visible cold already in the afternoon. The middle of the month may be observed in the first small snow and even blizzards.

the Weather autumn 2020 in Moscow. The preliminary forecast of weather forecasters

Autumn-2020 will differ little in Moscow from all previous years. Precipitation and warm days will be to meet the climatic norm. In this September, according to weather forecasts, will be at the beginning of the relatively warm, 17-20. However, towards the end of the month comes the cold, and with it a chilly rain.

A climatologist told what kind of weather will happen with the Russians in August

In October the rain will be added to the wet snow and slush. All this will be accompanied by a quite sensitive decrease in temperature. As meteorologists warn, even during the day the thermometer will show above plus 10.

At night frosts are expected on soil. Therefore, the cottagers better to finish all the work until the beginning of October, especially in November and is projected to almost real winter weather – the temperature will go to a small, but still stable negative, and in the 20 days of the last calendar month of autumn 2020 on snow.