A forecast by the construction industry says that in Germany 2023 is realistic with a real decline in sales of 6 percent, i.e. 250,000 apartments.

In its forecast for 2023, the Main Association of the German Construction Industry (HDB) again expects a drop in sales. “We will have a real decline in sales,” said President Peter Hübner of the editorial network Germany (RND, Monday). The association is already assuming a real minus of 5 percent for 2022. “And we expect something similar in 2023, probably a 6 percent real decline,” said Hübner.

With a view to the future, the mood on Germany’s construction sites is gloomy and the situation is not easy. High material prices and rising mortgage rates would make house building difficult. “But the situation is not hopeless. The mood is still good at the moment because we have a historically high order backlog,” said the HDB President. “And very important: We will not cut any staff.”

The HDB assumes that the federal government’s targets for housing construction will be significantly exceeded this year. “It is realistic that we will complete around 250,000 apartments,” says Hübner. That puts us a long way from the 400,000 apartments promised by Building Minister Klara Geywitz.”