Forecast: In 2020, will return the interest of buyers to the secondary market

the Whole of last year the real estate market was surprised by the price records. Real estate has risen on average by 11%. In the major cities has observed the explosive growth in the second half of 2019, the apartments in Moscow has increased 22% in Saint-Petersburg – almost 30%. Do not expect that the price decline will be massive and affect a large number of cities. Nothing portends a serious decline in prices in the new year, said “Avito real Estate.”

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the Main factor working on price increases in 2019, was the transition to the escrow account. And he has not yet exhausted its resources, which will contribute to the rise in property prices and in 2020, the General Director of Agency of real estate “Bon Ton” Natalia Kuznetsova. To increase the cost of housing has led to the decline in sales in the stage of excavation. Traditionally, these apartments were the most affordable.

On the secondary housing market stagnation. Prices are no longer growing, and demand only a small liquidity of the apartment. The average cost per square meter in the secondary market in the cities for the last three months (November 1, 2019 February 1, 2020) grew by only 1.3%. In most cities, the increase does not exceed 1.5%. Little progress was made in the price of apartments in Saint-Petersburg and Samara, they showed an increase of 0.1 and 0.2%, respectively. Capital estate added 0.8%. Increased the cost of housing in the Krasnodar and Perm (2.7%) and in Nizhny Novgorod (1.9 percent).

experts say the loss of interest of buyers to apartments on the secondary. “In recent years, the primary market to strengthen its position. For example, in Moscow at the end of 2019, two-thirds of demand (64%) had the objects of the secondary market. In 2014, sales of finished aboutbjectiv from the owners held 87%”, – says Alexey Popov, head of the analytical center CYANOGEN.

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If the previous engine, the secondary market was considered the segment of mass housing in General, but now buyers are showing interest only to certain objects – one and the budget one-bedroom apartment. It is here that transactions take place with premiums, that is, above the originally declared value. On the one hand, the reason for the exorbitant demands of owners of these lots: 95% of these apartments are overpriced, on the other – have become more modest demands of customers.

“In the segment of mass one and two bedroom apartments, a large proportion of objects with a high value proposition – they are about 70%, – says Sergey Shloma, Director of secondary market “INKOM-real Estate”. But the sellers are more likely to agree to price adjustment”.

the Interest of buyers to the secondary market in 2020 will be back. By reducing the difference of the purchase and construction of housing, the fall in development activity and reduction of offers in new buildings, said Popov.