the Name of the (still) current entry-level SUV from Ford not made so much: Ecosport sounded like fun brake. The Ford South America acquired City-SUV is selling quite well, weakened but in the case of Sport and Style. In times, in which the T-Cross and even VW on Style, it needs more. Puma sounds there is more to the Fun.

From coupe to SUV

But what was it? Correctly, from 1997 to 2001, there was a Puma sports coupe with moderate success. The new mountain lion, but has the makings of a Bestseller. With 4,19 meters, it is 17 inches longer than the Ecosport. As is the case with many of our competitors – such as the Peugeot 2008 – is there only front wheel drive.

mild hybrid for the Power

Dashing he looks for it. Top version is a 48-Volt mild hybrid with 155 HP, consisting of the one-liter three-cylinder Turbo plus a 11 kW (16 HP) electric motor. As the base, there is the three-cylinder engine also to Start unhybridisiert with 125 HP. A little later, the 125-HP four-cylinder Diesel and an automatic transmission follow the transmission.

assistance and momentum

of points want. the Fiesta brother with full networking and assistance from radar cruise control, 360-degree camera, to the Ghost driver warning “To drive it like a Fiesta,” says Puma-Project Manager Sigurd Limbach, what is a good message. The width of the track to compensate for the higher center of gravity.

Interior with a classy flair

Inside, massage seats, removable seat covers, digital instruments, Eight-inch touch screen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and behind the E-tailgate 456 liters of wait for the load compartment. The prices are still open, the Start is at the beginning of 2020.