Until 2001, the Ford SUV Explorer in us was not just common, but not unusual sight. But the third, fourth and fifth edition of the 1990-born model was there in the Old world only as the grey to buy the import. In the sixth edition he comes back now and again. Why? In order to have in the times of the SUV boom, a Top model in the Ford program. Because he supplements, thanks to a Plug-in hybrid drive, the CO2 balance of the manufacturer. And because the large Ford Vans, Galaxy and S-to the Max to get were not supposed to be the successor. Because the SUV Trend is the Vans, the clientele away.

In the United States is the seven-seater anyway, anything other than exotic, but so often as is the case with us in a Skoda Octavia Combi. Not even the bad tire blowout scandal, the Firestone and Ford fought for years to be responsible for deaths from Rollovers to Pneuplatzern, could harm the Explorer: The seven-seater, the eggs has become a legend of all trades for American suburban families and, over the years, really classy.

Proud to 450 HP thanks to the electric assistance

To Europe he comes from next Winter, but only as a Plug-in Hybrid. System power: 450 HP and 840 Nm of torque. Its three-liter V6 turbo diesel (350 HP) should be satisfied according to the standard (WLTP) thanks to electric motor (74 kW) 3.4 Liter / 100 km. Only applies to the value of this standard, simplified said, only for the first 100 kilometers after Charging. The Saving benefit is that the Explorer is a supercar, not sports, but a more comfortable trip. Pure electric, he creates 40 kilometers.

Costs a lot, but it also offers a lot of

When looking at the price list of us, first of all, the fright in the limbs: A Ford SUV for 86’900 Swiss francs – seriously? Softly, softly. Because in the us only as “ST-Line” with 20-inch aluminium wheels sold Explorer, everything is already in there: ten speed automatic (operated via a rotary Knob in the console), leather and steering wheel heating as well as heated and cooled seats, a wireless Smartphone Charging, Wi-Fi Hotspot for up to ten devices, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, digital 10.1-inch instruments and a 12.3-inch Touchscreen with Ford’s “Sync-3”-System or 800-Watt B&O sound system. Assistance systems: radar cruise control with Stop-and-Go automatic, turnbuckles, holder, backup assist, blind spot detector, sign recognition, parklenk automatic, reverse-Notstopper, 360-degree camera, or Collision warning, for example. Only Option: Two of the ten liveries is a surcharge for.

Pulling up to 2.5 tons

on the way, you can choose from four Plug-in-Hybrid-modes: auto, pure electric drive, battery charging during driving by the gasoline engine or battery is full, if you want to be, for example, later electrically in a downtown on the move. On top of that, seven four-wheel drive modes are selectable. Usually, the Explorer is a rear wheel drive on the road. He is required to switch the 4×4 drive automatically. Other modes such as snow, Sand or towing a trailer (up to 2.5 tons), you can manually select.

Very long and very spacious,

With 5.05 metres in length, and (with the Flip of 2.28 Meter-wide, as well as close the garage measured) just 1.78 metres height it gets in Swiss streets, although narrow. Conversely, it stays for the inside lush: In series two, there’s stalls and place such as in a Obertklasselimousine, and even in the very back on the (electric!) fold-down Seats in row three seats adults still amazingly comfortable. All tray pack compartments in the interior, a proud 123-litre, with five of the seven folded sinds then Sit crazy 2274 liters of volume. The family van for the SUV era.