Here is looking forward. “Go further” is Ford’s new products show in Amsterdam, and, in fact, hell go further, or to even start. So far, the US and Europe could show-to-offshoot little on the subject of electrification. A Mondeo Hybrid, a more expensive electric-Focus – the wars. With the new Europe-CEO Stuart Rowley should be started in 2021, 16 electrified models – the first eight are already coming to the end of the year. “In ten years, we sell 50 per cent electrified cars,” prophesied Rowley. Electrified, not pure E-cars.

the spearhead of the new Kuga is from the end of 2019. The best-selling SUV comes with Diesel and gasoline engines in a three-hybrid versions. As a mild Hybrid, a 150-HP is complemented Turbodiesel engine to a Starter-Generator with a 48 Volt, the “recuperated” or boosts, and to have soon in Fiesta and Focus will be. Added to this is a 225 horsepower Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV) with a diesel, it is expected to create 50 kilometers electrically and the electrical outlet can recharge. By the end of 2020, a Hybrid without a charging cable to points with low total cost of purchase and operation.

Kuga-Hybrid without 4×4

The XL-SUV Explorer has a Plug-in Hybrid, 455 HP and 4×4; in the Transit Custom PHEV, the petrol engine charges only the battery. A lot of drives for a brand that wants to be streamlined to be more efficient. “Everyone fits to the respective customers,” said Thomas Zenner, head of development E-drives for Ford.

But in the case of the Kuga-hybrid of the 4×4 stays on track. It would be in Ford’s luxury brand Lincoln is an electrically powered rear axle to Adapt, says Zenner: “But if, and when, is not even up for discussion.”