TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov bluntly spoke about the appearance of the former member “House-2” Victoria Boni after her statements about the relationship of cell towers 5G with the spread of the coronavirus.


Broadcast your show “СоловьевLive” anchorman commented on the last video of Boni, in which she called vaccination “a method of chipping of the population.” In the video, the blogger stated that she “only shares facts” obtained from unnamed experts and doctors.

First Vladimir Soloviev walked around the exterior of teledive and in particular on her lips.

“When she says something about “drive injection”, the only thought that she had driven injection”, — said the journalist.

The presenter also criticized the education of Boni. Solovyev mentioned that the Economics faculty, which she finished was at the Moscow state University of food production.

Earlier, Victoria Bonya said that the planet will benefit if half of humanity will die from coronavirus. According to the blogger, people have ruined the planet and now she needs to be cleansed.