Force majeure due coronavirus: entrepreneurs of the Amur region count losses

In neighboring China the Amur region farmers count losses. Already frustrated delivery to China of legumes.

the Amur soybeans popular in China due to the high content of protein, no GMOs, environmental friendliness. Appreciate foreign partners and timely execution of export contracts of the Amur farmers. Since February, many agricultural enterprises planned to start the season supplies of beans. But due to the closure of the international border crossing points in connection with the coronavirus had to move.

“We think that by early March the border will open and we will be able to work more successfully. We need to close 2 thousand tons. This is actually a small volume — and time, and across situations. But partners said, waiting for the opening, we start working”, — says the head of agricultural enterprise Victor Solodnikov.

Penalties nobody puts. All you know is force majeure. Businessman Alexander Osipov supplies from China prams. Even before the winter holidays, arriving in Blagoveshchensk native, decided to stay on vacation. But the news from China, where he lived and worked for a year and a half, closely watched.

“it So happened that we managed to take the consignment to the Chinese New year. And now the coronavirus happened in the peak in the Chinese New year. We were just lucky. And what about those who didn’t bring anything? So now we can say that their business is under threat,” — said the businessman Alexander Osipov.

the Losses already counted the company for the delivery of online orders from China. They can’t work right now. It is not the best development of events prepared and the owners of shops.

“the Chinese suppliers had to start work on 2 February. In connection with the incidence of leave extended until February 10. No Chinese sellers, neither the factory nor the transport company are not working. Many stores that are waiting for products from China, accept the financial lossKi”, — commented the employee of the courier service Evgeniya Ivanova.

travel agencies — is not the best time. All flights to the resorts and sanatoriums of China canceled until February 17. Those who bought permits in advance, revise the terms or direction of travel. Often asked to return the money.

“We are now waiting for the refund from the tour operator. That is all it is not so simple, because the money from the tour operators are airlines and hotels. So tourists, at least ours, with a greater understanding to this concern, thank them for that,” says the head of a travel company Oksana Gavrilova.

to Talk about large losses for the tourism industry is premature, according to experts. February is not the most popular for vacations a month. Regional officials, meanwhile, are monitoring foreign trade participants.

“has Revealed the trend is definitely up since February, after Chinese holidays, to begin active delivery of its products. We already have a proven level of expectations — about 70 thousand tons. That’s not all. We keep on counting, estimation,” said the first Deputy Minister of economic development and foreign relations of the Amur region Ekaterina Kireeva.

in Parallel, the issue about organization on the border of a temporary freight corridor in much the same way as in the days of the removal from China of people. He will need should a situation become critical proportions.