for the fourth Time in a row Serena Williams (37) is at the top of the Top income earners. The tennis star has, according to “Forbes” in the period between the 1. June 2018, and the 1. June 2019 the most deserving.

Serena took a total of 29.2 million dollars, divided into 4.2 million in prize money and 25 million in funds and rewards to advertising. This is well ahead of the second placed Naomi Osaka (24.3 million).

rank 12 for a footballer Morgan

In the case of women dominating female tennis players in the Ranking. Only on rank twelve the first other Athlete shows up with the US women’s footballer Alex Morgan (5.8 million).

For the men, incidentally, is a footballer, Lionel Messi with 127 million earners. This list presents “Forbes” in June. The discrepancy of the sexes is large. Taking both lists together, Williams is the only woman in the Top 100 to number 63. (rib)