Forbes has named the five biggest mistakes of the richest philanthropists. And the Russian billionaire-philanthropist Avdeev told how to avoid them

Roman Avdeev Roman Avdeev

Social entrepreneurship and charity work, more and more businessmen all over the world. But almost all the newcomers are stepping on the same rake, and few people manage to avoid setbacks and mistakes. Forbes named the five biggest mistakes of the richest Russians who have decided to do charity work.

first, this is not a serious attitude, supported by the myth that it is enough to open your own Fund and you can consider yourself a philanthropist. Many rich people think it’s not such a serious work as a business. But to be a successful philanthropist, you need to develop. It is important to invest in employees, creating a working Board of Trustees, infrastructure, strategy…

secondly, philanthropy is impossible without openness. Many philanthropists prefer not to publicly present your Fund. But if anybody do not communicate, the organization stops growing.

thirdly, it is not irresponsible to go to charity. You can’t choose projects based on their own ideas, not backed by accurate knowledge and consumer survey services. Otherwise, your money can harm, not benefit.

fourth, the effectiveness of the charity kills lack of strategy. Many people want to help everyone at once and not concentrating on one thing. It blurs the ultimate goal of charity. It is important to understand what social impact it wants to achieve in a few years, and more often ask yourself the question: “What do we want to get a result?”.

And fifth, the bureaucracy of large companies hinders effeStepnoy charity. The solutions take a very long time or even standing still. Often founders funds complicate simple, instead of making simpler complex.

Commenting on the publication of Forbes, a well-known Russian banker, billionaire philanthropist Roman Avdeev, leading several charity projects, confirmed that “if the aim of the educational event, then you need to fit for a long time, well providing the practical part”.

According to him, “self”, nothing happens, and always required maintenance and monitoring implementations.

Roman Avdeev is the founder of the Fund “Arithmetic good”, which he discovered only after years of targeted assistance to orphanages. At one point the owner realized that such help is ineffective, does not make the kids happy and prepared for independent life.

“it became clear to Me that the mere installation of quality Windows in an orphanage the child will not help”, – said Avdeev.

In 2019 Avdeev also co-founded one of the largest Russian educational projects “Postnauka” by investing in this resource is 100 million rubles.