the Basmanny court agreed with the arguments of the investigation: detainee on the eve of the Governor of Khabarovsk territory the measure of restraint in form of detention. The government now has two tasks. First to convince of guilt Sergey Furgala that his works have no other background, in addition to the legal, and the public. First and foremost, of course, countrymen Furgala. The second is to reassure other servants of the people. To give to understand that the bell tolls not for him.

the Panic state ship in such difficult, almost stormy conditions, would be quite out of place. And the panic, meanwhile, is quite possible. Justice in medicine: a perfectly healthy, that is to say innocent, no. There nedoobsledovannye. And given the fact that the investigative drilling are subjected to such deep temporal layers, as in the case Furgala the events of 15-20 years ago, the control command may be lost.

fear has big eyes. Some unstable members of the team can, what kind, start to jump overboard and sail to foreign shores, without waiting for the inevitable, in their opinion, vzdelavania yard. In General, the situation requires a kind of beacons, signal lights, looking at the fact that the officer or Deputy could sigh with relief: the good old principle of “friends – all enemies – the law” will not go away. Life goes on!

the Authorities, of course, know better, but I think that the role of sedative targets is quite suitable, for example, the following characters of the administrative and political scene.

the Head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov. A list of persons who were difficult, to put it mildly, relationship with the current leadership of Chechnya and the deceased by violent means, very long. And all these death rumors linked one way or another with the interests of Kadyrov and/or his entourage.

And in some cases – as, for example, in the case of Umar Israilov (a former Kadyrov’s security guard, who escaped abroad and settled in the end in Austria) – head of the Chechen Republic officially listed as a prospective customer.

state Duma Deputy Andrei Lugovoi (LDPR). Accused law enforcement bodies of great Britain in the murder of former FSB officer Alexander Litvinenko.

state Duma Deputy Adam Delimkhanov (United Russia). Declared in the international search authorities of the United Arab Emirates – as a suspect in the murder of former commander of the battalion “Vostok” Sulim Yamadayev.

What would be hostile to foreign and domestic whirlwinds or walking over these riotous heads, they still have not dropped a single hair. From the point of view of the Kremlin and authorities, they were and are innocent. And if things go well further, to experience our sovereign’s people about. Well, in the sense that it is not necessary p��to reguate about the “new 1937” – the risk of total Stripping, regardless of rank, respect, and merit.

About the same as the head so as not to incur the wrath of higher authorities, to worry, on the contrary, can and should be. It is important, appear to comply with the Golden mean. Do not give cause for suspicions of negligence. But not to perardel, so that his popularity did not start, God forbid, exceed the rating of someone higher. Well, not small. Do I expect everyone understands.