In the Morozov children’s city clinical hospital has two laparoscopic set. With the help of high-tech medical equipment are minimally invasive surgery. Surgeons make only a small puncture and tissues injured to a lesser degree.

the Equipment is equipped with a special 3D camera, a processor, a coagulator, a device supplying carbon dioxide and LCD 3D monitor which gives the most realistic three-dimensional image of the operated area.

the Use of 3D technology reduces the volume of blood loss patients, and also allows you to increase the speed and precision of a surgeon. Due to this, physicians are becoming available complex operations.

the First operation with the new equipment have been conducted. Modern equipment is in demand during planned and emergency surgery on the abdominal organs, pelvis, urinary tract and chest, where speed and accuracy of manipulations play a crucial role. During the year, at the Morozov hospital is about three thousand laparoscopic operations.