In the first half of 2022 alone, Uniper posted a loss of 12.4 billion euros. The federal government fears that the company’s bankruptcy would be fatal for private households, companies and public utilities. According to the current status, 15 billion euros have flowed, Uniper has already announced a need for another four billion.

Despite what is probably the most serious crisis in the history of the gas company Uniper, according to a report by “Business Insider”, the group is a generous sponsor of the “Gastech” trade fair in Milan, which opened on Monday. The fair’s website lists Uniper as a “platinum sponsor”. According to the trade fair brochure, the cost is 150,000 British pounds (around 175,000 euros).

Uniper also sponsored a “gala dinner” on Sunday evening. Cost another 150,000 pounds (around 175,000 euros). The trade fair’s Twitter account reads that thanks were given for the “prestigious gala dinner”. Venue was the “breathtaking” Villa Necchi Campiglio according to the organizer. The tweet has since been deleted.

The villa dates back to the 1930s, is located in downtown Milan and is surrounded by a spacious garden and high walls. When the property is not being used for glamorous events, the villa can be visited as a museum.

As can be seen from a LinkedIn post from the trade fair, Uniper Managing Director Klaus-Dieter Maubach personally welcomed the participants to the start of the gala dinner. The guests were apparently not deterred from celebrating even in view of the energy crisis. Photos on LinkedIn show her with Aperol Spritz in hand, making small talk in a good mood. A singer, a pianist, a cellist and a trumpet player provided entertainment.

More exciting news:

Thwaites Glacier would threaten sea levels if it collapsed. He could raise it by several meters. Researchers are now saying that the “doomsday glacier” could retreat dramatically in the coming years.

Federal Minister of Economics Robert Habeck would like to have two nuclear power plants ready as an emergency reserve. ZDF asked Veronika Grimm from the Economic Advisory Council on Tuesday evening about this idea.

A woman is dragged into an SUV and disappears, leaving a sandal at the scene. The DNA on it leads to a convicted kidnapper – he could be after the missing person’s inheritance.

The mask requirement on the plane will probably not come after all. The Federal Ministry of Health caused confusion on Friday. According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), the seven-day incidence is 234.4 – although the number of unreported cases remains high. You can find all the news in the Corona ticker on FOCUS online.

The crash of a plane in the Baltic Sea continues to be a mystery. A Cologne businessman who was traveling with his family is said to have been behind the wheel. Shortly before the crash, contact with the plane was lost and Luftwaffe Eurojets took off. Many questions are still open.