President of the United States Donald trump is considering the announcement from the White house about his consent to the nomination of the Republican candidate in the upcoming presidential election. About this American leader said Wednesday during a briefing.

According to him, performance in the White house will save the taxpayers ‘ money. “If we go to another state or other location, the amount of money spent will be enormous. I take it into account”, – quotes TASS of the trump. He also stressed that the White house will be convenient and least expensive place.

the Chief of staff of the White house staff mark meadows has told CNN that trump could give a speech and accept the nomination for President in the East wing of the White house, designed for the first lady of the United States and employees of the Board. However, the final decision is still pending.

Previously, trump said that on the background of the pandemic coronavirus refused to conduct activities in the Jacksonville (Florida). In this city, 25-27 August had to pass the second part of the Republican Convention, during which the expected performance in the White house. The first part, as planned, will take place on August 24 in Charlotte (North Carolina) closed to journalists. Here the party will officially nominate the American leader as their candidate.

Recall, the United States presidential election is scheduled for the third of November this year. It is expected that the democratic candidate they would be Joe Biden.