“summer is the breeding ground, here we are able to develop us more,” said artistic Director Michael Haefliger on Tuesday in front of the media in Lucerne. The summer-to strengthen the Festival is important, because it is the Basis of the national and international success of the Lucerne Festival and its distinctive identity. They wanted to be a Festival-season operator, but a great occasion of world format, organize.

“We have asked ourselves: Where our hearts beat the most?”, Haefliger said. He himself tremble before the summer Festival. Its meaning had been expanded in the last few years, it offers a unique density of symphonic creation in Lucerne. At the same time the Festival had changed since the creation of the Festival orchestra.

“We had to decide what we want to focus on in the future. Also, given that we are funded to 95 per cent in-house,” said Haefliger. The total budget for the Lucerne festival in 2018 and amounted to 23.6 million CHF. The summer Festival have subsidised the other two Festivals each cross.

The leaders had come to the conclusion that the re-scheduled week ends in the spring and in the autumn for the further development is more important than Easter – and the Piano Festival. You wanted to be a producing Festival, and the identity and exclusivity of strengths.

“So that we can continue to develop the core of our brand with the own projects of the Lucerne Festival Orchestra, the Academy, the Alumni, and Young consistently,” says Haefliger. In addition, several studies a clear preference for the summer would result in Festival. Short festivals did not work, you should be able to go “deeper”.

As a result of the resignation of two part-time drop off at the Lucerne Festival, in addition, there were shifts in Positions. For the organization, around 40 people work.

this year’s Easter-on the occasion of the Lucerne Festival in mid-April to the end of. As in the previous year, approximately 9000 visitors attended the nine-day Festival, the utilization rate was 88 percent. The summer Festival is from 16. August until February 15. September with a total of over 100 concerts across the stage. 16. to on 24. November the nine-day Piano Festival to be held for the last Time.

The Easter festival was established in 1988 with the focus on sacred music. The Piano Festival since 1998, in Lucerne, the KKL had been opened and you wanted to do something for the usage. In 2018, the summer Festival presented 115 concerts, at Easter, there were 13 and at the Piano Festival 25.