For the last day of the coronavirus has infected 900 people

In China, a growing number of people infected with coronavirus. According to recent reports, killed more than 2,200 people. In recent days worldwide coronavirus has infected about nine hundred people. The largest number of cases, of course, in China. After China in antileech – Japan, Singapore, Thailand. The most shocking situation occurred in South Korea in Daegu 61-year–old female parishioner of one of the religious movements deliberately infected other people. It is reported that recently she was in contact with thousands of people. Now the woman in quarantine and local authorities took the city under special control.

the inhabitants of the country EN masse refuse from public transportation and visiting public places. Local businesses have already incurred losses. “We really don’t know what to do. It’s all so serious. We simply wait and hope that tomorrow will be better. If this situation will continue for a long time, then there will be nobody who will be able to withstand. Now about 40% of the stores in Chinatown are closed,” says the owner of the Chinese restaurant Lee Hyun-DEH.

In China, where the epidemic began, the number of people infected with coronavirus – already more than 75 thousand, but recovered also became more — more than 18 thousand. The youngest patient who managed to fight off the infection, only 4 months. Experts from the world health organization hope that the peak incidence has already passed, and the coronavirus is receding. However, I urge everyone to continue to comply with preventive measures. The number one task is to develop a vaccine that will cope with the virus.

“Our goal still is to contain the infection. We believe that it has a chance. Although we must prepare for any scenario, even with the worst consequences. I have to say that we desperately need vaccine. We must therefore invest in its development. I encourage everyone to do this. Only an effective vaccine will help us now to protect the health of society from HSrose coronavirus,” said who Director-General Dr tedros adhanom Ghebreyesus.

And in Japan — already the third group of passengers whose doctors have not found the coronavirus, today leaves the cruise liner Diamond Princess. It is reported that the day on the beach going down approximately 450 people. Doctors prescribe them in the next two weeks to follow closely the health status, daily to measure the temperature. And with the appearance of heat or coughing — immediately consult the doctors.

the Evacuation of passengers began on 19 February. The ship left more than seven hundred people. Including six Russians. In Australia, the coronavirus diagnosed two passengers, who returned from the ship. A further 11 cases of the USA, and it’s the same people who have already come ashore. Only the liner has infected more than six hundred people.