For the first time, the number of patients who are hospitalized with coronasmitte on the intensive care ward of Italian hospitals, the fall.

It shall notify the Italian public health preparedness Saturday, writes news agency Reuters.

There are 3994 patients admitted to intensive care units around in Italy, saith the status Saturday. The day before the number was 4068.

this is The first time that there has been a decrease since coronaepidemien broke out in Italy, the 21. February.

“It is very important because it gives our hospital the opportunity just to breathe,” says Angelo Borrelli, who is head of sundhedsberedskabet.

Italy has registered 681 deaths among coronapatienter in the past day.

This is a slight decrease compared to the previous days. Friday was the number of dead among the coronasmittede 766 people, and the day before, the figure was 760.

In all, 15.362 died since the outbreak began to spread in Italy in February.

the Number of coronasmittede is Saturday increased with the 4805 to a total of 124.632. It is the total number, including both patients who died of the disease, and those who have become healthy again.

The past five days in a row, the number of new smittetilfælde is located between 4000 and 4800.

The Italian government hopes that the spread of infection now is stagnant. Then, the hope is that smittekurven will fall in the near future.