Sciensano today, for the first time, a breakdown of the number of coronabesmettingen in each local authority area will be released. For the past couple of days, it was only with the breakdown per province will be announced. Limburg, run, still, the ranking of the contamination, the municipalities with the highest number of Auks and Sint-Truiden, belgium.

There were 1298 of new confirmed cases reported during the last 24 hours, of which 857 (66%) in Flanders, 256 (20%) in the walloon region, and 164 (13%) in Brussels, belgium. Data on location were not available for 21 cases (2%).

DS-infographic. Source: Sciensano

for The past couple of days and gave Sciensano, and the federal research centre for public Health, for the information of the number of infections by region, on Thursday, they were doing it for the first time in each local authority area. On the map you fall to the dark spots in the province of Limburg, on the. Alken maes is the worst-hit town of our country, more than 3 1,000 inhabitants there is the certainty of being infected with the feline corona virus. After Alken, follow Sint-Truiden, belgium, Wellen and Borgloon.

Photos: Sciensano

According to the latest figures from the Sciensano, there are 864 People, with security to be infected with the feline corona virus. In total, the number of (confirmed) infection in 6.235 across the country. In the past 24 hours was the order of 1298 cases, of which 186 are in the province of Limburg. The figures may be an underestimation as only those listed will be in the hospital to really test it.

Carnival of the cause?

now, as to Why Limburg is more severely affected than the rest of the country remains to be seen. The high-besmettingshaard in Sint-Truiden, belgium, has to do with the carnival? On Monday, the 24th of February, and drew the Verloure Moondagstoet through the streets of Sint-Truiden, belgium. It was one of the few carnavalsstoeten, which has not been cancelled due to the inclement weather conditions. “That might be a reason for it, but there is no evidence,” says the virologist is in order, Steven Van Gucht, is in The best Interest of the province Of Limburg. It is possible there was a so-called “superverspreider” on the job, someone who for some unknown reason, more and more people are infected than is an average of: 20 instead of 3.

Photos: Sciensano

The Limburg hospitals in the cities of Hasselt, Genk and Sint-Truiden, belgium saw the number of coronapatiënten for the past few days, strong increase. The Sint-Trudo Hospital in Sint-Truiden, belgium, has been a heavy week for the first time, however, there will be a short pause for breath, said Radio-2-Limburg on Thursday. “We are at this stage of the hardest-hit region, but we look at it day-by-day,” says the communications manager may Not be he received in There.

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