Never before in the Danish version of ‘Masterchef’ is the participants were presented with the opportunity, as they get in Monday’s section.

Inspired by the us version of the programme, the judges have chosen to give them a golden opportunity – literally.

Thus, the participants in this week big about the infamous gold pin.

A small, golden case, which can prove to be crucial later in the program.

the Winner of the needle ensures namely the immunity, if relevant at a later stage end up in a elimineringsrunde.

In Monday’s section, four out of the 18 remaining madaspiranter fight for a place in the battle for the guldnålen, which runs along the pile later in the week.

Alternately, should they through contests, as the judges Thomas Nun, Jakob Mielcke and Jesper Koch each is behind.

And it all will be decided in a final round, where the participants have to make cream puffs – which is easier said than done.

even if Jesper Koch makes it look easy out.

He has in the weekend even gone into flødebolle-the art and shared her recipe with her followers on Instagram.

“It is important, it is the broken,” he says in the video, as you can see above.

the success Of the aspiring ‘Masterchef’-participants to hit just the right crack, you can see in Monday’s episode of the program on Viaplay and on the TV 3.