it used to be so simple: As a child or teenager, you had to box his friends from the sand of time. They accompanied us through the life of a school; together we spent many hours. For some, this resulted in a brief romance or even big love.

Many drops make Contact with age heavy. Today, who is still Single, and often has trouble meeting new people. You have a Job that is already a big part of everyday life. In the evening, it is difficult not to get up, to rush straight home and to store the feet. Then one meets from time to time with the closest friends. Don’t have much time to look after the or of the Future. GLANCE at which places you get to know the easiest way to new people and how you get in contact with you.

To the people to go – but not Intrusive

reach out To someone, a Stranger, takes a lot of Overcoming. But the courage is worth it. Because maybe the future partner is hiding in the next Stranger. Or a new good friend.

in Principle, does not apply, however, to be too Intrusive. This can quickly put you off. Better for the environment, carefully check and adjust. It should be a healthy mix of people and not harassing arise.

Where you simply come in contact with new people

At which locations you to the best people? There are many possibilities. So, for example, made a lot of friendships over common interests. Because you will automatically come into the conversation and has a common theme. A new Hobby to try out, you are interested in a long time, so it is a variant.

do you Use the Internet: no, not Tinder or other Dating Apps. Thanks to the many Social Media channels it has become easier to get in contact with new people – learning is so straightforward and easy. Perhaps this possibility may seem a little weird, but can arise from a friend request-click quite a bit. the Find a new Hobby: Common interests are a good basis. Log in to a fitness Studio or Spanish course. You will quickly realize that they are, come as early as a child, quickly in touch with people and make new friends or even Deeper to close. the contacts from earlier: you Miss someone from the past? They often think of a former good friend that you lost sight of it? No reason to be sad, just sign up and you have to ask, how is this Person today. Maybe they find each other again. to deepen friendships, work colleagues: to work, many potential friends, not be underestimated cavort. Finally, you already have a lot in common, since they work in the same place. You arrange with your colleagues to a beer after work, or go further and set something up for the weekend. the friends of friends At the best is but to keep in good looking. Follow changes an invitation to a Party you know just a few guests. Talk with the new people and you meet some, the ticking sound similar to you. the you get a dog: – animals are easy to knit and want to, if you meet one of your race, and unconnected to say Good day. This may mean taking your dog for walkies is also to contact Mr. Chen and Mrs. Chen. The dog is not only good for health, because it forces you to go for a walk, but also a great ice-breaker. the group travel company: join a group tour. A lot of people, the plan, alone, vacation, resort. Such kind of vacation means a lot of new faces and many new contacts that can become more. Because to have a trip together, experienced together welds.