tonight, Florian silver iron (37), returns with a tribute show to beat legend of Roland Kaiser (66) on the ARD-stage – it was the first big appearance since his memorable encounter with Ex-girlfriend Helene Fischer (34) from the 10. January.

In an Interview prior to the broadcast, the Entertainer has spoken quite openly about his separation from the blow Queen, and suggests that this Phase has more gnawed at him, than previously admitted. “It was not an easy time,” he says to the newspaper “tz”. “Because a separation is always painful and emotional.”

the two of you is important to understand well, to be the best of friends, he says. “For us, a lot of links so, we have, together, experienced so much, it stays forever,” says silver iron. “And of course we continue to have contact. Maybe the felt the people.”

, He speaks of the love speculation

of Course, had been much speculated, the presenter and singer. “Any girl I stand at some point on the stage, was out of the question.” So, for example, as a picture with the Swiss singer Linda Fäh (31) showed up. “She is the new flame of silver and iron?” about “the image asked,” bluntly. That nothing was behind it, explained quickly. Silver iron emphasized that he was not currently assigned. And this is unlikely to change as rapidly. “I’m now Single and not at all on the search.”

“I understand that the actors are irritated by the”

Also, for Multiple-criticism of his new role as a “dream ship”-captain silver iron refers to in the interview position. He understand that the actors are irritated, and would doubt, he says, “because I’m not an actor. But it has been with entertainers such as Peter Alexander, Rudi Carrell, Roy Black, or Thomas Gottschalk, entertain in movies and series. The captain is not for me. For me, the dream ship is a matter of the heart.”

He was also accustomed to without the laurels go to the Start, supplemented by the Moderator. “Before my first Saturday night show, it was the same way. Some members have cancelled according to the doubted, and their performances. But that has changed, happily, quickly.” (wyt)