of glavarkhiv Moskvy presented the city Council and the administration, telling. None, even the highest orders of the Russian Empire, was not such a small number of gentlemen.

Title approved more than a hundred years ago. Often it is confused with the class the concept of “eminent citizens” which in 1785, in Charter cities, established by the Empress Catherine II. However, eminent citizens took a special group of residents who in the hierarchy of the classes considered above merchants, but below the nobility. The title of the honorary citizen awarded regardless of class, that added to its uniqueness.

the Procedure for its assignment in Moscow was not easy. The archival documents of the Ministry makes it possible to reconstruct its order. After the Moscow city Duma has decided to assign someone the title, the vowels of the Duma (elected representatives) declared the meeting of the Duma. The meeting made the decision to apply whether on the issue of higher assent (permission of the Emperor). Then the mayor had sent a representation to the Moscow Governor, and the Minister of internal Affairs. And only the Emperor was allowed to confer the title of honorary citizen of the city.

After this was prepared, which, as a rule, were decorated by the famous artists. Diploma of the mayor solemnly handed the new honorary citizen of Moscow. In the title there was no periodicity.

for the First time the title of “Honorary citizen of the city of Moscow” was awarded in 1866. His owner was Moscow mayor Prince.

In 1897, an honorary citizen was the patron of the merchant. His diploma was instructed to make himself Viktor Vasnetsov.

At different times of the honorary title of diplomatic considerations were awarded. They were the messenger of the North American United States Gustavus Fox in 1866, extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of great Britain sir George Buchanan in 1916 and the Minister of equipment and supplies of the army of France, albert Thomas in 1917 (both the latter received the title as the representatives of allied countries during the First world war).

In November 1917, was published the decree about destruction of estates and civil ranks, among them the title of honorary citizen. But in the late 1990-ies the Moscow city Duma adopted the law on his recovery.