The search for a partner on the Internet is booming in this country. A on Monday published a study of the portal “single” close. According to this made by the industry in 2018, with a turnover of 41 million Swiss francs, a new record.

as early as 2017, sales had climbed to 40.9 million Swiss francs. In retrospect, the Online can increase Dating sites in the period from 2013 to 2018, revenue through sales and fees by a total of 17 percent, it said. For about half of sales, high-priced Dating services like Parship, or elite partner.

But it’s not over even when free Offers bad. For users who just want to spend a little money for the life partner, moved to the cheap Dating Apps like Tinder, the authors of the study.

In-App purchases for sales

the money they earn, often through In-App purchases. So some people bought the optional attention features, such as the so-called super likes, additional messages or Indicators in the VIP search results to increase your flirt chances.

less users be ready, for medium-priced offers to spend money. “Either the Swiss want to search for free or very cheap to a Partner or grab deep in the pocket”, was Daniel Baltzer, Director of, in the Communiqué quoted. (SDA/wheel)