polarized The Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg. On the one hand, she is the icon of a global climate movement, on the other hand, the target of vehement criticism. Now has joined Rolf Knie (70) to their opponents. The painter quipped with a sarcastically written Post on Facebook against Thunberg. “A brush for Greta stupid mountain”, the Musical producer, begins his Letter.

On Facebook knee now finds himself in a Shitstorm again. And also here to view.ch glowed the keyboards of the comment writer. The opinions could not be more different.

“Rolf breaks Greta over my knee”

many of the comments criticize the hype about Greta Thunberg. Reader Ruedi is grateful: “Merci, Mr knee, for these lines. This Hype is unbearable.” Other voices in the series here. “Hat’s off. Mr knee has brought me to Smile. Nice that you have the courage, so what’s to say openly,” writes Matthias Etter. Franz Weber agrees: “Bravo and congratulations, Mr. knee. Would write a something like that, it would not be published. But you say exactly what I think of this, Greta: Nothing.”

Oslander Villafaña, however, that the climate situation is in need of intelligent solutions, but: “I don’t give Rolf knee right by I gutheisse the truancy, on the contrary.” The Tom Kienast place. “We need to talk over the climate, but not like this. So seen Mr knee has completely right,” he said.

Others are knee-agree, find the thing, but not necessarily good. This also includes Albert iron ring belongs to: “Rolf breaks Greta over my knee, what’s going on, unfortunately, even more attention, of which she has generally earned nothing.”

“think differently you do not need to seem as a stupid”

support Rolf Knie of those who don’t like his art especially. “Never was a Fan of the knee-a family, but when he’s right, he’s right”, says Markus Leuzinger. The agrees, hansruedi Voser at. Oliver Brunner is a little harder: “He can’t paint, but he has good people skills.”

However, there are also readers that are not Fans of Thunberg, but the nature of the criticism uncalled for. A reader: “I’m not a Greta Fan, but the gentleman circus artist is supposed to afford yourself first, and not just a life of the brush.”

Hugo Stiglitz twice after: “you can’t like Yes, it bothers so many people, the fear of a soon out of your comfort zone (include me also). But people who think differently you do not need to be dubbed a fool.” So, it looks, and Martin Gebauer. The criticism of Greta Thunberg was legitimate, but to call a child on Facebook as a “stupid mountain”, is the lowest of the low.

And Colin Norton is in terms of content, with every word agree. “But I think it’s fundamentally wrong, when you deface the name of; in my eyes, a faux pas, the Rolf knee is not likely to happen,” he writes.

It grew heated discussions. “When you see and hear how arrogant and cocky this school schwänzerin lists, I must say: respect, you are absolutely right, Mr knee!”, Dänu Meier writes. The fact Liliane Gerber, countered: “Just because a 16-Year-old “naughty” is allowed to make fun of them? Sad when a home sits, achieved nothing, and then about young people with Perfect etching.”

“Me, the Greta reports is nerve, however, you do not need to make them ready,” says Kurt Breitenstein. The don’t like to hear Harald Beutler at all: “the one with The hatred is a typical response pattern for people who want to go real discussions with exchanges of views out of the way.”

“A shot to the knee from the knee”

of Course, the commentators don’t keep up with criticism of Rolf knee behind the mountain. Urs Wiezel says it in a nutshell: “Below the belt, Mr. knee.” “Just embarrassing,” says Theo Rist, the statement of the knee.

Other knee-critic with the artist hardener to the court: “Now, this third-rate Sunday reacted painter like a simpleton on Greta, was to be expected,” says Martin Hartmann. “The Rolf knee’d better stick to it, to draw colorful pictures of lions and Zebras,” says Enri Hess. And also Mike Müller shot: “Wow, what a great “knee-cal word-play”. Almost as awesome as the pictures that were smeared as if by magic, from a simpleton blankly at the canvas.”

Ernst Rietmann can’t take the criticism for the following reason really serious: “It is very brave of you to designate a 16-Year-old as a “stupid mountain”, if you can’t face it with words.” And for Schimu Trachsel, the criticism is “simply pathetic”, it was “a shot in the knee from the knee”. “Mr of the knee can of course put his hands in his Lap. His painted flowers are not included in the climate change,” says Armin Büsch.

Markus Maag asks the rhetorical question: “your pictures, dear Lord knee, will save us, Yes even before the destruction of the environment, gäll?” And he afterwards sent a proposal: “How about a charity-Vernissage and the proceeds, for example, for the preservation of our rainforests donate?”

Andreas Schmidt is not with all the Manifestations of Greta Thunberg agree. Nevertheless, he finds the contribution of Rolf Knie “disrespectful and rude”. He calls: “Mr knee, apologise immediately.”