the Opening of the temple and a branch of the Central Museum of the Armed forces of the Russian historical-memorial complex “Road of memory”, which will be posted pictures of the veterans and home front workers, scheduled for May 9. This event is specially timed to the 75th anniversary of the great Victory.

Photo: RGAKFD. Architect N 5065 Germany will give Russia information about Soviet prisoners of war

“we Have to date, 7 million photos, 26 million of information about participants of the great Patriotic war. May 9 will not stop sending information, will be working with it on. Encourage everyone to take an active part in the fulfillment of our information resource”, – appealed to Russian Deputy defense Minister Tatyana Shevtsova.

She believes that the relatives of war veterans should make an important contribution to the collection of such data and to share photos from the family archives. “For those who were in the army, in our Podolsk archive pictures has. But civil were called to the front, and not all of their photos survived,” – said the Deputy Minister.

Earlier, the head of the defense Ministry of Russia Sergey Shoigu said that the gallery “memory Road” is supposed to commemorate the feat a total of 33 million participants in the war. “They are all our relatives and friends, veterans and homefront workers – day in and day selflessly approached the victorious spring. Tell them about the means to immortalize their names, to preserve the history of his family, our multinational country”, – said the Minister.

In the “Patriot” Park for the Victory Day gather the ground with war graves in Russia and abroad

in the “Patriot” Park for the Victory Day gather the ground with war graves in Russia and abroad. It is known that at the foot of the Main temple of the Armed forces planroot to accommodate 15 thousand such capsules, and shells with water from the place of death of Soviet warships.

great-Granddaughter of Marshal Rokossovsky leafed through his letters home

According to Shoigu, this memorial will give people whose relatives were missing, and those who do not know the place of burial of the war dead, the ability to remember them, to lay flowers and light candles.

in addition, I am sure the Minister, such an opportunity should be given and relatives of members of other fights and battles. “We must honor the memory of our compatriots who perished in various wars and armed conflicts, including in Afghanistan, Korea, Vietnam, Angola and others”, – said Shoigu.

He also ordered that work to perpetuate the memory of fallen soldiers continued after the opening of the complex in the Park “Patriot”. This, according to the Minister, is necessary in order “to as many people as possible could learn about the heroes of the war, and on the “Road of memory” does not exist anymore”.

Shoigu also suggested to think about the prospects of development of branch of the Central Museum of the Armed forces. The Minister believes that he must become a center of spiritual and military-Patriotic education, not only soldiers but also all citizens of Russia.