The Swiss retail trade is in the wear and tear of a fight. For years, the strong franc gnaws at the sales. At the same time makes online shopping more ground and is becoming a Standard.

But, hallelujah: It’s Christmas! A blessed time for the Swiss store owner, despite Black-Friday-discount battles and the Internet-competition from Germany, the USA or China. “The Christmas business is all the more important for the stationary retail sector,” says Martin Gröli, Partner and Retail expert at the Swiss branch of the economic consulting firm EY. Because before the days of Shopping is still an experience, while it is in the Rest of the year is always difficult. “Just buying houses are under immense pressure. Especially in the Non-Food sector shows that online Commerce has increased in recent years.”

For businesses with a wide range of products like Manor, Globus or Jelmoli, the current season is particularly critical. “Department stores make up approximately 30 per cent of their annual turnover in this time, game shops, and even 50 to 60,” says Dagmar Jenni, managing Director of the Swiss Retail Federation, the Association of small and medium-sized retail company.

Imported discount Festivals such as Black Friday or Cyber Monday, could not harm the consumer the joy of Christmas so far. “I hear again and again from our members that the Christmas season moves into November. The Figures confirm that absolutely,” says Jenni.

Actually want to do 49 percent of consumers, according to a EY survey of your purchases three or four weeks before Christmas, so now.

For the retail trade is breaking the most important week of the year. “At Christmas, people prefer to buy in shops than on the Internet. It helps that many cities put on Christmas markets,” explains Jenni. You have to stage Christmas, so as an Event, to entice the people in the inner cities. This seems to succeed, thanks to the Christmas markets.

mixed year

in 2018, was trading for the detail, once again, a mixed year. The Swiss franc has weakened less than expected. This means that The Euro-prices in neighboring countries are for Swiss is still tempting deep. And also the fall was again much too hot. The thick winter clothes remained in the clothing shops hang.

However, the Christmas season 2018 is promising. On the one hand, the date: Christmas eve falls on a Monday, a lot of people have already. 23. December have approved many of the cantons a sale of open Sunday. And also the consumer sentiment is good. According to the survey of EY Swiss want to spend heuer 410 Swiss francs for Christmas gifts. As much as for the past eight years.