As an athlete you train your muscles, technique and tactics – so why not the eyes? For Melvin Nyffeler is a legitimate question. The SCRJ goalkeeper says: “The eyes are the most Important thing for a Goalie.” Because: “you feed the brain with information. Without this information, I have no Chance for a quick and proper reaction.”

It is a chain reaction: The eyes control the head Position, and then positioned the body properly. To perfect this, you trained a goalkeeper in the so-called Tracking. This means that the eyes track the Puck as far as possible in every moment. From the firing up to the Moment when he hits the body. “My brain is the information of the eye quickly and correctly, I have a Chance to hold the shot.”

the 24-to talk about eyes, is diverse and complex. The simple subject is extremely interesting. For about five years, and is also increasingly moving into the specific Goalie Training. In the case of NHL clubs even opticians are employed that are familiar with sports optometry and for the goalkeeper customized Exercises.

Nyffeler has been about two years of intense with his eyes. Also, thanks to mother Claudia, a Hobby-Hockey goalkeeper. “She told me and my brother, Dominic, to our eyes control.”

On the ice of the SCRJ-Keeper trained with a special pair of glasses, which restricts the peripheral field of view, covering half the pupil. So he forced the Puck in an even more concentrated and precise to follow with the eyes.

Also, in addition to the ice there are Tracking Exercises, for example, with a string of marbles in different intervals are appropriate. This Nyffeler in Jonah is also working with an optician, the centre has a sports eye.

Before a game Nyffeler not heated, therefore, only the body in the Warm-up with the Team, but also the eyes. Because of the different light conditions and contrasts in the ice rinks have an impact. So he follows the lines on the ice in a certain sequence. “Since I devote myself more aware of the eye-Training, I notice a big difference. It is for the benefit of me only.”