It was not until the end of May that the payment service provider Klarna fired numerous employees via video switching. The approximately 700 affected make up about ten percent of the entire company. Klarna founder Sebastian Siemiatkowski emphasized at the time that the step had to be taken due to the uncertain economic situation. Klarna has to contain costs in order to be able to continue as a company.

Now the Klarna founder has surprised with another campaign. He has published a list of many of the employees who have been laid off on the job site LinkedIn. This not only contains the names, but also their previous position in the company and information on whether they worked from home or in the office.

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With this, the founder wants to point out the numerous talents that can now be taken under their wing by other companies. The people who are on this list have left their names there voluntarily. Potential job recruiters should be able to get a quick overview and make inquiries to those affected.

In an accompanying post, Siemiatkowski writes, “I hope everyone out there understands what a goldmine this document is. Some recruiters should probably ignore LinkedIn and put all their energies into this list. I’m sure these people won’t be around for long. […] If your company takes on one of these amazing people, that will be your biggest win this year.”

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