According to General Bulgakov, because of increased intensity of service and combat activities of the troops in extreme cold and hot climate, conducted research work for the creation of the modern individual diets of military personnel. As an example of the adapted Paik warlord led a diet for pilots.

“For flight personnel of the Armed Forces previously developed modern diets – the so-called “on-Board rations for crews of aircraft and helicopters”. Such rations fully meets the needs of the aircrew while performing their combat and special tasks. Part of the special rations included ready-to-eat meals in a modern and ergonomic packaging, operable without the use of special devices. “If earlier it was mainly porridge with meat weighing 250 grams, now it is meat and cereal or maliovishka meals weight 400 grams,” – said Dmitry Bulgakov.

it is Worth noting that on the eve of the eve of the 320-th anniversary of the of logistics of the Armed Forces of Russia on the Internet-portal of the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation started a new media section dedicated to this significant date. Page visitors can learn the history and modern system of logistics of the Russian Armed Forces.