For infection with coronavirus will be executed

Chinese Authorities have banned patients with a fever or cough to travel around the country on buses, trains and planes. Announced also that this is a criminal prosecution for the spread of the novel coronavirus COVID-19.

According to Deutsche Welle, for intentional concealment of symptoms of the novel coronavirus or distortion of information about the patient’s condition in China could be executed. Withholding the story of his travels can be considered a criminal offense.

the Man who became the source of infection and led to the spread of the virus would be accused of endangering public safety. He could be sentenced to 10-year or life imprisonment or the death penalty.

the national health Commission of the PRC on 15 February banned residents from cough, fever and other symptoms of viral diseases to move around the country in buses, trains and planes. All citizens who return home after the holidays from the zone of the hearth of the epidemic, have 14 days to stay at home or under medical supervision. To abandon quarantine will be punished.

the Second people’s court for the middle level of Beijing explains: the criminal code of China provides severe punishment including the death penalty for those who during the outbreak of coronavirus is caught in corruption, production and distribution of counterfeit medical products, a malicious infected by a coronavirus other people and causing grievous bodily harm to physicians.

in Total there are 21 possible crimes in connection with an outbreak of a novel coronavirus in four of them the perpetrator can be sentenced to capital punishment, RIA Novosti reported. This particularly applies to patients with confirmed infection with coronavirus, as well as carriers of the pathogen who refuse quarantine and treatment or willfully violate quarantine regime, visit public places and transport.

For those who have registered a case of suspected infection and the failure of quarantine and treatment produhad been the situation the spread of the disease, the maximum penalty is the death penalty.

the Death penalty can become punishment for those who during the epidemic will cause the medical staff of intentional harm with serious consequences, will damage the protective clothing of the physician or spit at him, causing the doctor infected with coronavirus.

capital punishment is also threatened by officials, abusing official position for embezzlement, theft and misappropriation of money and material resources, including for the prevention and control of infectious epidemics. The same fate awaits the leaders of enterprises for the production and sale of fake or substandard drugs for the treatment and prevention of infections.