Cold case for file number XY: She wanted to visit her family at Easter – but she never got there. Since then, the criminal police have been looking for the missing Nancy Köhn.

Nancy Köhn from Lower Saxony has not had any sign of life for more than 13 years: the then 25-year-old woman lived with her partner in Hechthausen (Cuxhaven district) until she disappeared in spring 2009. At the end of April 2009 her abandoned car was discovered in Hamburg. When she did not appear again in July 2009, her family filed a complaint with the police. After several years of unsuccessful searches, she is now reopening the case and asking for help with new findings.

Nancy Köhn originally came from Hagenow in Mecklenburg-West Pomerania. According to the current status of the investigation, however, she had been living with her partner in Hechthausen for several years. Although her family had not heard from Nancy since early March 2009, a family member did not file a missing person’s report until late July.

Since then, Nancy’s disappearance, the exact time of which is unknown, has been extensively investigated – but there is still no trace of her. Investigators assume that Nancy K. probably left her home between March 12 and March 18, 2009 – or was forced to do so. Before that, she had argued with her partner – she left her property and her dog at home.

Only the missing person’s car has been found so far. The blue Ford Mondeo with the registration number CUX-LW 562 was discovered by the police on April 30, 2009 in the Allermöhe district of Hamburg. There it was abandoned in the parking lot of the Mittlerer Landweg S-Bahn station. At that time, however, the police were still unaware of the missing person’s case. The “neglected” vehicle, which had been broken into by a previously unknown person, was towed away and scrapped.

Nancy worked in Hamburg for a while and probably still had connections in the Hamburg area, the investigators suspect.

According to police, a text message to her mother in early March was probably “the 26-year-old’s last sign of life.” There are now doubts that the message was actually written by Nancy herself.

Based on the available findings, the police fear that Nancy Köhn did not leave her usual living space voluntarily. She could have been the victim of an accident or a crime. A homicide is now likely.

At the end of August 2022, the case was last presented in the ZDF program Aktenzeichen XY. As part of this, the criminal police presented the latest findings on the disappearance – the brother of the missing person also had his say. After the broadcast, various police departments received several tips that are now being followed up. “There hasn’t been a hot lead yet,” said one investigator. “We will continue to do everything we can to solve the Nancy case.” The criminal police continue to ask for information publicly – especially the one who broke into the car of the missing person. This act is now statute-barred. However, the person may have made important observations.

Nancy Köhn has been described as follows:

The police have no further information about the clothing. She is said to have been wearing blue Buffalo shoes.

The Oldenburg police department has offered a reward of 5,000 euros for information that helps clarify the missing person case and the possible perpetrator or perpetrators.

Please give all information to the Cuxhaven police on 04721 / 5730 or any other police station!